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Silverpin TVC

Silverpin Design Company Ltd TVC 2011 from Silverpin on Vimeo.

Having worked closely with the idiom production team earlier in the year we were afforded some television airtime during their programs Bush Diary and Road less Travelled. Taking full advantage of this opportunity we set out in two days to conceptualise, script, coordinate, shoot and edit an engaging and emotive 30 second television spot. Thinking of the team of people that have contributed over the years to the growth and success of the company, shared their dreams and talents and worked together selflessly, took me back to my childhood years. I remembered how as children we came together, supported each other and thrived together. With this simple concept in mind we hope to spread a powerful and everlasting message of unity, love and true success. I would like to thank all of those who contributed selflessly to this project.

Kenrick Rampial
Silverpin Design Company Limited


Photography Session


Delina - Basketball Shoot from Silverpin on Vimeo.

Delina was photographed for OMG Magazine at the basketball court at Edinburgh 500 in Chaguanas, Trinidad. The weather was terrible and the light was disappearing quickly but armed with some strobes and a little hope we set out for the shoot. There were some guys on the court who were only too willing to give up one of the rings for Delina. We shot using a pair of canon strobes and vivitar flashes on a pocket wizard kit. Timelapse was done with a Canon 40D and video with a Canon 60D. Professional makeup services were provided by Anita Singh and the edit was done by Dane Phillip of Silverpin. Photos from the shoot can be seen at our facebook fanpage.


Herbal Essences

Silverpin Promo Herbal Essences from Silverpin on Vimeo.

Silverpin was contracted to design and produce a unique, attractive and functional display stand for the Herbal Essences range of hair care products. To maintain the already stylish design of the bottles, we conceptualised a form that would replicate this shape and accommodate several cases of products. The design was rendered in 3D for presentation to the client and once approved we proceeded to the construction and finishing stages. The result… another satisfied client!


About Us

Established since 2002, Silverpin works across the spectrum of media, allowing seamless integration of different communication vehicles, producing higher quality deliverables and ultimately saving our clients’ time and resources. As we approach our 10th Anniversary we would like to thank all our suppliers and customers for their unwavering support and trust in us.

Silverpin, Pointing the way.